Cuaderno íntimo inspirado en Frida Kahlo


During the last ten years of her life, Frida Kahlo made her Diary an intimate space, a shelter, an unfiltered mirror to deliver her personality.

In The Diary of Frida Kahlo. A new perspective, Karen Cordero Reiman and Eduardo Casar invite us to feel it, to listen to it, to appreciate its visual and literary forms; to discover how both talents of the artist cohabit in their pages. Evoking the five senses and imagination, the drawings and words merge to move to other dimensions that give the viewer the possibility of listening to her voice as a child and to perceive her breath, to move with her beauty and to laugh with her rogue humor.

The diary of Frida Kahlo. A new perspective is an invitation to see and read it with other eyes, to find new meanings in it and to discover the keys to revising the art of being and to exist in silence.

Book details

ISBN: 978-6079604295

Author: Eduardo Casar, Karen Cordero y Claudia Madrazo

Format: Encuadernado rústico

Published date: 2017

Editorial: La Vaca Independiente

Pages: 223

Long:  26 cm                                                              Width: 18 cm

High: 2 cm                                                                  Weight: 680 gr

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