Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo

Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo

by El Diario de Frida Kahlo


Diary-book in rustic format with exercises to inspire creativity and self-renewal, inspired by The Diary of Frida Kahlo. A New Perspective.

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ISBN: 978-6079604271
Formato: Encuadernado rústico
Autor: Claudia Madrazo
Editorial: La Vaca Independiente

With the sensitivity and genius of an artist, in her personal diary, Frida manages to build for herself a path of self-knowledge and liberation, using images and words, and integrating multiple forms of expression: free association of ideas, doodles, collages drawings, paintings, poems, letters, narrations and stories—realistic and fantastic—of his own life.

Inspired by his diary we created this Intimate Notebook, with the intention of offering a meeting space with oneself through art. This book is not intended to be a technical book for making art, it is an invitation to reflection, to creativity and to personal renewal.

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